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Tokyo International Gift Show 2022

The 'irogami: piece of grater' won Grand Prize of the 94th Tokyo International Gift Show Autumn 2022 Kitchen & Dining Goods Contest. Tokyo International Gift Show (TIGS) is the largest trade show in Japan. The show scale is; Exhibition Area: About 100,000m2, Exhibitors: 3,000. 

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I exhibit my work at the Certosa Initiative in the Milan Design Week. It’s from 7th June to 12th June 2022. -Via Barnaba Oriani 27 20156 Milano


​SICF 22

From September 23rd to 26th 2021, we are exhibiting at the art festival SICF22 sponsored by the cultural complex "Spiral" in Aoyama, Tokyo.


​Hong Kong Smart Design Awards

​The 'irogami: piece of grater' won silver award of the HONG KONG SMART DESIGN AWARD. The Hong Kong Smart Design Awards (HKSDA) has been devoted to unveil the brilliance of Hong Kong original design to the world and encourage local manufacturers and exporters to reform business strategy in attaining “Design x Strategy x Technology = Smart Business” since 2012.



My work "irogami: piece of grater" was selected at the 23rd JIDA Museum Selection. The works selected by the museum selection will be permanently preserved at the JIDA(Japan Industrial Design Association) Museum.


Pop-Up Vase Launch

Pop-Up Vase launches from the makuake, crowdfunding website. This work is made with House Martin™.

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