irogami: piece of grater / ひとひらのおろし金

​Product / 2020





A grater shaped like turning over a piece of paper. The turned corners just fit the edge of the hand. The user can grate the food with a new feeling as if you grated directly with the palm of your hand. Rather than grate a large amount of food at one time, the user can grate ginger, garlic, cheese, etc. on the dish and sprinkle it, or use it easily in various scenes. “irogami: piece of grater" is a compact grater that fits in the palm of the user's hand with a new style never seen before.

2019年度新潟県燕市主催 / 若monoデザインコンペティション燕 vol.3


Sponsored by Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture in 2019 / Young Design Competition Tsubame vol.3

Grand Prize


​株式会社 ツボエ







The manufacturing industry in Tsubame City has a genealogy and footprint of manufacturing that began with the Japanese nails of Kanei (1624-) in the olden days. Over the years, we have created some of the best craftsmen in Japan, and handicraft craftsmen have established swallow products into world-class brands. Founded in Tsubame City in 1890. As a knife maker, we worked on the production of "files", which was the main industry of Tsubame city at that time, and delivered "pots and files" nationwide. This is the beginning of "tsuboe". Today, we manufacture various metal blades that make use of that technology. We are proud of our technical capabilities, quality and high reliability that can meet the needs of users, from household graters to professional graters.