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​mirror shelf


Modern people do not have time and are required to do everything quickly and easily.

Every morning people arrange their hair, makeup, and put on clothes in front of the mirror.

Since the full length mirror has a shelf, you can perform the necessary work more quickly and easily according to the purpose.

Even if you are not sitting on the dresser, you can easily prepare it by standing.

While watching the mirror, you can get what you need from the shelves in the box.

A box is embedded in the surface of the full-length mirror.

Mirror and box shelf are integrated. The bottom of the box is in contact with the wall and supports the mirror while maintaining the proper angle. .

The mirror is tilted, but the box is vertical to the wall.

By bringing the wall into contact with the surface, not the point, the frictional force increases and prevents the mirror from falling.

The fact that the box is behind the mirror is not only added value but also structurally useful.

The material is steel, mirror glass, Mdf panel. It is a very simple structure with steel box and frame with powder coat.

The frame consists of L angles, and the mdf panel to which the mirror glass is attached is fixed with the screw from the back.

The steel box will be embedded fix it with screws from the back of the frame into the mirror.

With this structure, the inside of the box and the surface of the frame are smooth and seamless without screw holes.

It has a simple design and structure that anyone can easily assemble.

Height 1850mm Width 450mm Depth 220mm


A' Design Award & Competition
Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Category           
Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019

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